Yaohaiwai( platform for imported pharmaceutical and chemical products, constructed and operated by Chongqing Kangzhou Zhitong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing Kangzhou Zhitong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "professionalism, innovation and dedication", focusing on providing information services such as imported RLD, APIs, intermediates and other chemicals. We welcome manufacturers from all over the world to submit real production and management product information, and assist us in establishing a reliable and up-to-date database to help trade parties break the barriers of time, space, language, and culture, improve communication and procurement efficiency, and promote overseas imports and Contribute to the development of medicine and health. Regarding any judicial disputes and consequences caused by the submitting manufacturer due to any illegal business or due to business management, product quality, false information, intellectual copyright, etc., as well as any defects caused by the buyer due to the use of the corporate products included in Yaohaiwai Yaohaiwai assumes no responsibility for the consequences. Yaohaiwai does not promise to arbitrate any complaints about commercial disputes submitted by users. However, after receiving the relevant complaints, Yaohaiwai will temporarily freeze any information of the defendant supplier until it receives an explanation from the supplier.

Upload Process

If it is the first time to upload a product to Yaohaiwai,pleasedownload the templatefirst,and then upload the product according to the product upload process. If you have already submitted a product to Yaohaiwai, you need to upload it again; or if you update company information, please contact customer service directly. Customer Service Hotline: 023-62988285 After receiving your product file, Yaohaiwai will upload to the platform immediately If there is nothing wrong during verification. Please note that your catalog should contain the required items where starred.

01、Download template

Download the template and fill in the product information
according to the document requirements

02、Fill in the form

Standardized product
information can shorten the review time and go online as soon as possible

03、Upload document

Select the product category
to be uploaded from the drop-down menu

04、Platform audit

After the upload is successful
review immediately, please be patient

05、Publish successfully

If you have any questions,
please call the Customer Hotline